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October 15, 2013


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Riding tandem on the pathway to prevention: Ohio's experience in collaboratively preventing intimate partner violence and sexual violence

report cover(9:07) Recently, the Ohio Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Consortium released the concept paper, Riding tandem on the pathway to prevention: Ohio's experience in collaboratively prevention Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence.  The paper discusses the advantages and challenges of conjoining the issues of intimate partner violence and sexual violence for the purposes of simultaneously advancing primary prevention.  In this podcast, Jo Simonsen and Rebecca Cline from Ohio Domestic Violence Network, Debra Seltzer from Ohio Department of Health, and Katie Hannah from Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence discuss the paper and their experience and perspectives regarding cross collaboration.  
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Talking back and challenging rape culture

title page of video: session title with NSAC and PreventConnect logo(6:24) At the 2013 National Sexual Assault Conference in August, Holly Kearl of Stop Street Harassment and Erin Morales  Williams of FAAN Mail (Fostering Activism and Alternatives Now!) presented a session called Talking Back and Challenging Rape Culture.  In this podcast, Kearl discusses her portion of the presentation, focusing on 5 main take-aways regarding how to address street harassment, particularly with young people.  Watch here or below.
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Media, popular culture, and youth: Media literacy as a violence prevention strategy

rihanna and usher got milk ads used in curriculum(17:43) In 2010, as part of the prevention work in New Jersey, the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault, in partnership with Media Literacy Project, created a custom media literacy curriculum for sexual violence prevention.  At the 2013 National Sexual Assault Conference, Jyoti Venketraman from NJCASA and Andrea Quijada from Media Literacy Project presented a session about the curriculum, exploring media literacy as a strategy for prevention.  In the following podcast, they review the content of that session, discussing the use of media literacy as a strategy for prevention, with a focus on the NJCASA curriculum.
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It's time to be at the table: Reflections from two sexual health promotion events

a logic model

During the last two weeks of September, I was fortunate to have two tangible opportunities to make the connection between sexual violence prevention and sexual health promotion. The first was by representing CALCASA and PreventConnect at the inaugural meeting of the National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH), a national group that "aims to improve sexual health and well-being by encouraging productive and sustained conversations about sexual health and promoting high quality sexual health information and health services." The group will soon be launching its framework for sexual health and publishing related, helpful documents and resources. Check back here at for more information as the NCSH officially launches.

The second opportunity to make the connection was at the California Wellness Foundation's Joint Conference on Women's Health and Teen Pregnancy Prevention. There, I presented on the topic, Women and Violence: Leveraging Capacity for Prevention and Treatment, with Futures Without Violence's Virginia Duplessis. We discussed intersections between sexual and domestic violence, their impacts on women's lives, and the implications for prevention and response.

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